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Afternoon in Antarctica

(Source: Flickr / gengen)


Panorama of the sunset.

Hunting Island, South Carolina.


Lake Louise, AB


Photographer Captures Spectacular Milky Way Vista from the Azores

The Milky Way galaxy arcs across the night sky in this magnificent view from the Azores, a chain of nine volcanic islands near Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean.

Astrophotographer Miguel Claro of Lisbon took the image from São Miguel Island in the Azores on April 5.

(via scinerds)




After the Storm ➾ Luke Gram

Last night Kelowna had a huge thunderstorm roll in. For only 30 minutes it poured rain and flashed lightning, but as quick as it came, it went just as swift, and left the city bathed in this post-storm, cloudy haze of a sunset, which tops the list for best sunset I’ve ever seen. Almost no editing was done to this photo.

(via man-and-camera)


Unstoppable waterfall somewhere in Malaysia; my first trial with the long exposure ‘Waterfall mode’ on my Galaxy S4 Zoom.
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Cabo Espichel


Kevin Klein in Scotland


Quixadá - CE - 2014

Quixadá - Ceará - Brazil - 2014


A summer night in heaven, between the stars and waves. 

I was listening to music while waiting taking photos and this song (Rivermaya - 241) was playing which was perfect for the moment. This was taken in Siesta Key, Sarasota, Florida. 

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil


I gaze upon you and yet again I am mesmerized by the spectacle before me. I can’t help but pause and take everything in. The sun shines its warm light on you and reveals the texture of your skin; all the tiny little details that mere words alone will not do it justice. The wind blows the fabric of your being, gently yet constantly, and you come to life. I am just here sitting by your side,enjoying the silence that passes between us. Words need not be spoken. We just revel in each others company and we commit this feeling, this wonderful experience, to memory so that it may never be forgotten. Until we meet again. 

This is a 15 minute timelapse; comprised of 30 still images with the settings of 30 seconds, f/11, ISO 100. A 10 stop ND filter, an ND4 grad, and a Circular Polarizer were used.

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil